The Deal- Includes 1 Mix
The Deal- Includes 1 Mix


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THE Deal - $125 With NO ADDITIONAL FEES up to 10 Miles!

Serves up to 30 guest

  • $20 delivery if over 10 miles from 77381
  • Over 25 miles? You can pick it up!
  • In most situations this machine can handle 25 guests
    • One single flavor machine. Up to 3.2 Gallons at once!
    • 1 free drink mix concentrate. Additional mixes are $25
      (No charge for mixes returned unopened)
    • The delivery person will demonstrate how to operate
      the margarita machine, and set up the first batch for you!
    • No cleaning deposit; when the party is over,
      just turn off the machine!
    • This is an indoor machine most of the year. 80-85 degrees max.
    • It's very quiet.


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