Well, we just purchased the franchise in December of 2018. So, no testimonials yet. However, how about I tell you why we decided people would flock to a Margarita Man in the Houston are?

Our niece was graduating high school in New Jersey and we decided to attend the party. There was a very nice layout in the back yard. Comfortable chairs, grilling and some catered food, a large tent with seating for around one hundred underneath, games going on, mixed drinks, a keg of a nice craft beef and a Margarita Man machine. My wife, Ali, listened to the Margarita Man describe how to use the machine and he left instructions with the machine. She and I went to the liquor store to get some Espolon Silver Tequila for the Margaritas. Ali mixed it all up and fired up the machine. A while later we were enjoying Margaritas and we were really surprised that they actually tasted great. Mass produced frozen Margaritas sounded okay but not great. But, we loved the taste! Everyone at the party of a drinking age was enjoying the Margaritas and it just added so much fun. We were like the kids at Bahama Bucks! The next day Ali commented to me that this had added so much to the party and it was surpisingly easy to operate. I agreed and then she said "You could do this!". True. And so we did.

I want to bring that same joy and fun to your party. I want you to be the hero host. I want you to be able to interact with your guests rather than tending the blender.

I truly care about you. You are my neighbor. I will do all I can to ensure you and your guests have a great experience with the Margarita Man machine.

Hope to see you soon
Uriah Dailey
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